Pro Pick! NAP HellRazor Broadhead

I usually don’t like to monkey around with my bow-hunting equipment, but
testing new broadheads has always intrigued me. Each year I try to find at
least two new heads to try out on whitetails. Last year it was the Rocket
Hematic and the American Broadhead Buck Master. This year, it was the
2-blade Rage and, most recently, the New Archery Products’ HellRazor.

The 100-grain HellRazor caught my eye at last year’s Archery Trade Association show. The HellRazor’s specs are enough to raise an eyebrow — thick blades, solid, one-piece construction and the promise of true arrow flight.

In years past, I’ve had mixed results with one-piece broadheads. They have always been whitetail killers, but the problems have usually centered around arrow flight (erratic), cutting diameter (usually small), or both. The HellRazor is the first one-piece that I’ve shot that did not pose these problems. It is a medium-sized broadhead, but it flies like a dart. In fact, I was able to shoot tight 2-inch groups into my Block target out to 40 yards with no problems. The cutting diameter (1-1/8 inches) is plenty big enough for deer.

The HellRazor’s best attribute, however, is its sharpness. Through a process
called "Photon Bonding," NAP has been able to produce this head in mass
production. The out-of-the-box sharpness is scary. Best of all, this
broadhead can be easily resharpened.

I put the HellRazor to the true test last Friday on a whitetail here in
Wisconsin with a 38-yard shot from my Mathews DXT. The impact was spot-on.
The result was a very short blood trail. The HellRazor sliced through two
large rib bones on the way in and one on the way out with scapel-like
precision. Best of all, the head barely needed any touching up before it was
placed back into the quiver to hunt again.

Now that I’ve tried both the Rage and the HellRazor, some of my D&DH
contacts have already posed the question: Which one will I hunt with for the
rest of the season? My answer: Both. In fact, I have two of each in my
quiver. The flight characteristics for these broadheads are the same as my
field points. That provides some peace of mind while on stand.

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