Pro Picks! NAP SmartRest is Built for Accuracy

As I’ve noted many times in my articles in D&DH, I’m an admitted utilitarian when it comes to most of my archery gear choices. Although I’ve used such archery sights as the Montana Black Gold Trap Door and the Original Whisker Biscuit with much success over the past few years, I’ve been slow to embrace the new age of drop-aways.

Until now. After shooting the new NAP SmartRest for the past month, I’m quickly warming up to the new age of high-tech arrow rests. I’ve used this rest in conjunction with the new Mathews XT SoloCam and Carbon Express Maxima Hunter 350 shafts with 4-inch Blazer vanes. I’ve seen an immediate increase in my accuracy (much tighter groups).

A few of the rest’s features:

*The SmartRest incorporates a downward cushion that allows you to adjust the drop speed, which really enhances accuracy. It is easy to use and easy to set up.

*NAP Smart Technology at the launcher head minimizes arrow bounce.

*Micro-adjustable drop speed gives the option of guiding the arrow longer before the launcher falls away. This improves left to right accuracy.

*Faster acting flexible braided cable attaches to the bow’s downward moving bus cable — reducing chances of breakage.

New style "V" launching surface is longer, quieter and more durable than other styles.

From: New Archery Products

Retail: $94.50

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