Pro Picks! Remington’s Accutip Slugs

If you’re looking at the new high-speed, polymer tipped slugs available on the market this year, be sure to give Remington’s new Accutip slugs a try in your favorite rifled-barrel shotgun.

These slugs are a sort of blend of Remingtong’s Core-Lokt Ultra and Copper Solid slug technologies.

The heavy, 385-grain slugs are propelled by a 3-inch load at 1,900 fps for flat trajectories and massive energy transfer past 150 yards.

A Power Port tip also increases accuracy and improves lethality, while spiral nose cuts and bonding technology mean controlled expansion at ranges from 5 to 200  yards!

This winter, I got a chance to join Remington’s Eddie Stevenson and Linda Powell on an early January hunt to field test the new Accutip slugs and Remington’s brand new ShurShot 870 slug guns at the P Arrow Plantation in Livingston, Ala.

On Day 1, I was able to put one of the .58-caliber, polymer-tipped slugs into a heavy Alabama 7-pointer as it chased a doe by my stand. The slug leveled the 5-year-old, and later, we found the Accutip had retained 93 percent of its mass (96 percent if you don’t count the polymer tip —  which Stevenson said fragments on impact, leaving an impressive entry wound.

In addition, all the hunters in camp had plenty of chances to harvest does with the new slugs.

We all connected on shots ranging from 60 to more than 100 yards. The slugs passed cleanly through every one of the does.

For 2008, the slug is only available in 12-gauge 2 3/4- and 3-inch versions, but it has proven extremely accurate and amazingly deadly in several different guns.

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