Pro Picks: ScentLok ClimaFleece Thermal

I’m a huge fan of layering my hunting clothing so that I can strike the perfect balance between moisture control (both in and out), insulation, scent control, and quiet movements for any given condition.

Layering allows me to adapt my clothing to perfectly match the temperature, my activity level and the type of hunting I’m doing at the time. Obviously, no one garment will handle all of these factors perfectly on every given day.

However, I like to make sure that each layer is as multi-functional as possible and that’s why I’m a huge fan of ScentLok’s new Thermal ClimaFleece BaseSlayers.

These garments are so versatile they can be used as a base layer, insulating layer or even on their own as the outer layer (in the new camouflage offerings), and that’s exactly what I’m looking for in a  scent-control garment.

The new Thermal ClimaFleece BaseSlayers are a warmer version of the  original BaseSlayers. The series uses a unique fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin and provides enough loft to keep the wind and cold temperatures out so hunters can stay warm and comfortable longer when they hunt in cold weather.

The all new camo version of the Thermal ClimaFleece has the same great features as original ClimaFleece, including a Zip-T design that regulates body temperatures and is easy to get on and off. The Thermal bottoms offer a "comfort stretch" design that fits snugly for ease of movement and maximum moisture transfer to help you stay warm.

The tops and bottoms are available in Mossy Oak Treestand and Realtree AP.

ScentLok is so proud of their BaseSlayers, they are offering consumers  who purchase a top or bottom a $10 rebate.

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