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Deer & Deer Hunting Pro Picks - Trijicon Accupoint ScopesIt is often said that the true value of a riflescope (or any hunting optic for that matter) can only be measured during the first and last few minutes of hunting light. I buy that. Most scopes look great under the bright lights of a showroom floor, but lesser glass is quickly revealed during those final critical minutes in the woods.

There are other differences between high-end optics and bargain models, but the fact that great lenses and optical coatings will increase your ability to see in low light, while poorer quality glass will reveal a poorer image than your natural eyesight, is probably the most important.

But even with great lenses that gather every drop of available light, low-light shooters often face a formidable task — although the deer might be visible, the scope’s reticle becomes difficult to see against the animal’s darkened form.

Enter illuminated reticles. Today, many manufacturers offer illuminated reticles. The idea is not to shoot in complete darkness, but to allow the hunter to easily acquire the exact aiming point under low-light conditions.

Trijicon’s AccuPoint riflescope is one of the few models to do this without the need for batteries. The AccuPoint’s illuminated reticle is powered by light gathering fiber optics that self adjust to varying light conditions.

The fiber illuminates a small dot in the center of one of four reticle configurations.

Plus, for extreme low-light, a small tritium-based luminescence is gathered by the fiber optic, allowing use in near darkness without the need to ever replace batteries.

Accupoint scopes are available with standard crosshairs, Mil-Dot and German #4 reticles. Or, with Trijicon’s unique Triangle reticle based on the Bindon Aiming Concept.
Of course, to make full use of the unique reticle, these scopes boast some of the best glass in the industry with multiple coatings for a distortion free image. And each AccuPoint is hand-assembled and nitrogen purged allowing for the ultimate quality control and dependable waterproofing.

Trijicon is offering 1.24-4x24mm, 3-9x40mm and 2.5-10x56mm models for 2008 with additional models coming in 2009.

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