PSE’s New Carbon Bow Looks Wild, Kills Big Bucks

Carbon fiber isn’t anything new for bows, arrows and archery accessories, so it wasn’t a surprise to see the new PSE Carbon Air bow make a splashy debut next to a big whitetail buck.

Longtime PSE marketing guru Blake Shelby revealed the new Carbon Air and its results on an October hunt in Canada. Shelby posted some info and photos on Facebook.

Blake Shelby of PSE with the company's new Carbon Air bow and a Canada brute.

Blake Shelby of PSE with the company’s new Carbon Air bow and a Canada brute.

Shelby wrote: “The first kill with the new Carbon Air! I am so blessed to be able take this buck. He is a 302 lbs, Canadian Bruiser that scores about 160 but is way cooler than that. Look for the hunt on a Mossy Oak show next fall. Very Blessed.”

Impressive buck and a big ol’ boy on the scales, too! The new Carbon Air looks pretty wicked. Here’s a few of the highlights, from the PSE Archery site:

PSE Carbon Air

Here’s the scoop straight from PSE:

You’ve never shot anything like the monocoque-designed 2016 PSE Carbon Air®, a revolutionary new breakthrough in bow technology. Engineered  with our new PSE True Carbon™Technology, the PSE Carbon Air® is the lightest ultra-performance compound bow on the market  at just over 3 lbs. The Carbon Air® is also dead quiet and comfortable in your hand, with PSE’s proprietary Structural, Rigid Acoustic Core (S-RAC) suppressing noise and vibration, as well as acting with the carbon as an insulator against the heat and cold.

Never before has so much cutting-edge technology  been packed into one bow…a customized PSE HD hybrid cam delivers a smooth draw cycle throughout, while the Center Lock Speed Pocket and patented X-Force™ parallel split limbs give the Carbon Air® the energy to fire arrows at a blazing 340 fps.

The Carbon Air® is available in peak weights up to 70 lbs. with an 80% let-off, 6-1/8” brace height, and 32” axle to axle. It also comes standard with PSE’s all-new features; Backstop™ 4, SHOCK MODZ™ Limb Dampers, and factory ships with ABB Platinum Strings and genuine titanium pocket hardware. The Carbon Air also includes the exclusive Carbon Air carry case, available only for a limited time.

The Carbon Air is not sold online and is available exclusively at your local PSE Dealer. Available in all-Black, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, Skullworks 2, or black riser with Mossy Oak Break-Up Country limbs.


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