Quality Deer Management Includes Surveys with Best Game Cameras

Covert Deer

Have you begun your off-season quality deer management surveys to keep tabs on whitetail deer, turkeys, predators and what’s happening before hunting season arrives?

If not, now is definitely the time to start making some serious plans for mineral licks, camera sites and recon efforts. Habits and movement will change before the season or when it’s here, but summer definitely is a good time to look at bucks growing antlers, does with fawns, and if you have any predators (or trespassers!) that need to be taken care of.

Covert Extreme 60One of the best ways, obviously, is with game cameras. They’re less expensive today than years ago and thanks to that great availability, we can hang multiple cameras in different locations for more information. Deer & Deer Hunting editor Dan Schmidt has been testing three cameras this spring where he hunts.

On property I’m hunting in Alabama, I’ve been running a Covert and it’s a champ. Just days after our season ended in January, I hung it by a mock scrape and got some nice photos of a 9-point buck. I never have seen this buck but he has a pretty solid core area, a run of scrapes and rubs he makes each season, and I know he made it through the season. Maybe we’ll have another encounter in the coming season.

ShopDeerHunting.com has a good array of new Covert cameras, including the Extreme Black 60 HD Invisible IR. Affordable and tough, the Extreme Black 60 is loaded with outstanding features. You’ll get sharp, crisp images of your deer and wildlife thanks to an infrared trigger, 60 invisible flash LEDs. Adjust your trigger speeds, shooting times, or for photo and video. It’s a value when you’re needing quality game cameras for your summer and autumn deer surveys.

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