This Rangefinder Can Tell You Whether to Shoot or Wait!

What if a laser rangefinder could tell you whether to take a shot at a deer or keep that arrow nocked for a better possibility in another shooting lane?

Or, even better, how about technology in a rangefinder that would help you trim shooting lanes better so you would know without a doubt the arrow would clear any limbs and fly true to the target?

The Truth Laser Rangefinder with ClearShot technogy from Bushnell does just that, and it’s pretty doggone cool. We got to see and use this brand new rangefinder a few weeks ago. It was a quick tryout but it showed us enough to know that the possible shots you might try to thread through limbs would be better off not taken. Ethical shooting and decisions should be paramount for hunters.

Check out the press release below from Bushnell:

Bushnell Truth with Clear ShotBushnell has introduced a revolutionary new archery laser range finder that allows hunters to understand the trajectory of the arrow before it leaves the bow.

The new Truth with ClearShot Laser Rangefinder is designed to help bow hunters ensure every shot is a clear shot.

ClearShot technology provides a simple, instantaneous notification that determines if the hunter has the clearance necessary to take an unobstructed shot. Using an easy-to-follow three-step process, hunters can calibrate the rangefinder to correspond with the speed of the bow via their sight system.

Following calibration, when a target is ranged, a line appears in the reticle displaying the apex of the arrow’s travel. If the dot intersects with branches or other obstacles, the hunter knows the arrow won’t clear the obstruction. Conversely, an unobstructed dot indicates there is a clear path to the target, giving the hunter confidence to take an ethical shot.

Featuring the exclusive Angle Range Compensation (ARC) technology from Bushnell, the rangefinder accounts for terrain angles to provide the true “shoots-like” distance from 7-199 yards. With simple and convenient one-button operation, The Truth with ClearShot provides lightning fast target acquisition from 7 to 850 yards. Four power magnification and a 430 foot field of view (at 1,000 yards) combine to make it the ultimate archer’s laser rangefinder.

The Truth Laser Rangefinder with ClearShot Technology has a minimum advertised price of $279.99. For more information visit

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