Razor-Blaze Knife Is Wicked Sharp, Easy To Use For Skinning, Cutting

Outdoor Edge has some cool gear in its lineup and it’s added another one this year with the Razor-Blaze, a lightweight knife with blades that can easily be replaced or sharpened.

Razor Blaze


I got one of these neat knives recently and they’re well-designed, with a nice grip that you can hang onto easily when it’s wet due to the textured surface. Plus, the handles are blaze orange  so if you put it down in the woods or field when you’re working on a critter, it’s easy to find. It also has a nylon sheath with a belt loop so you’ll have it handy at all times.

The blades are about 3.5 inches long and are super sharp. They’re secured in a blade slot holder, with one side offset just a smidge to help make inserting a new blade easier. A locking system holds the blade securely during use and, when you’re ready for a new blade or cleaning, all you have to do is press the locking button to remove the old blade and put in a new one.

Since it’s summer, I have no deer to skin or cut up but I put the Razor-Blaze to use on some chicken breasts we were prepping for the grill. The blade cleanly and easily zipped through the skin, membrane and meat without a hitch. Cleaning the blade and holder was easy, too; just remove the blade, clean it and the blade holder well with water and a little liquid dish soap, and let it dry thoroughly before reinserting the blade. If need be, a toothbrush can be used on the blade holder.

If you don’t clean the blade and holder, gunk and blood can dry inside it and prevent removing or inserting a blade. Make sure you clean it well.

The Razor-Blaze comes with six blades; replacement packs can be ordered separately. If you want to sharpen the blades, do so with a stone, steel, diamond or ceramic sharpener. Outdoor Edge recommends a 22-degree angle for each side.

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