Ready For Some New Deer Hunting Gear?

Spring is when hunters often take a little downtime to chase turkeys, but it’s never to early to start thinking about deer hunting season and getting your best hunting gear ready to go!

Back in January, the crew from Deer & Deer Hunting scoured the aisles at the giant Archery Trade Association and Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade shows. Those are where the hunting industry’s manufacturers show their hot new bows, guns, ammo, apparel, accessories and other hunting gear for the coming year.

We did the scoping and scouting, and now you can see the hot picks! Here are 10 more of our top selections, with 50 of them to be featured in the June issue of Deer & Deer Hunting. It’s already in the mail to subscribers and is on store shelves now.

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On with the picks!

— What if you could combine some of the coolest features from a traditional bolt-action rifle with those of modern sporting rifles? Mossberg’s MVP Patrol accomplishes that in .223 and .308 for predators and big game. Based on the Mossberg 4×4 bolt-action platform, the Patrol features a Drop-Push bolt design to accept and feed from AR and MSR magazines. Interchangeable stocks and grips with the tool-free FLEX locking system give you multiple options for hunting, competition and tactical situations. A versatile rifle for many applications. $680 and up See it here now

— Fuel economy is a great way to add a few bucks to your pocket, and Amsoil’s P.i. Performance Improver Gasoline Additive is a great way to do it. Engineered to increase performance and reduce emissions and buildup in your engine, P.i. improves fuel mileage an average of 2.3 percent and up to 5.7 percent. That adds up for your vehicle and wallet. Amsoil products are available for vehicles, ATVs, snowmobiles and small engines using gas or diesel. $12 See it here now

Under Armor Scent Control apparel helps keep odors at bay when you're afield.

Under Armor Scent Control apparel helps keep odors at bay when you’re afield.

— Keeping your camp items or processed venison cool is incredibly easy with an Icey-Tek high-performance cooler. Available in a wide range of sizes (25- to 600-quart models) all manufactured with top-grade components, Icey-Tek coolers have a polyethylene external skin with a non-staining, food-grade internal liner. Premium polyurethane insulation injected within wall and lid cavities keeps your items cold for more than a week. Starting at $179 See it here now

— Simply put, the Savage Arms 220F Slug Gun is a bad-ass tack-driving deer killer. Available with a free-floating, 22-inch stainless barrel, the 220F was designed from the ground up. It combines features from popular Savage Model 110 centerfire rifle, including a three-position safety and legendary AccuTrigger, and is crafted for 20-gauge sabot slugs. An oversized bolt head gives gloved hands an accurate grip. A true 200-yard slug gun, the 220F is an instant classic. $550 See it here now

— Hunters looking to gain an edge should consider Under Armour’s Scent Control apparel. Along with the comfort found in UA clothing, the Scent Control line used an engineered formula that traps your body’s vapor odor with synthetic zeolites and suppresses it with a silver antimicrobial system. Scent Control remains effective after 50 washes, and combined with Scent Control Spray, you’ll be less noticeable in the woods. $40 See it here now

Wildlife Research Scent Killer is proven to help you stay odor-free.

Wildlife Research Scent Killer is proven to help you stay odor-free.

— Throwback hunters can’t miss with the Rossi Rio Grande lever-action, now available in the popular and effective .30-30 Win. Sporting a hardwood finish and 20-inch blued or stainless-steel barrel and action, the Rio Grande sports buckhorn sights but can accept scope mounts. With 6+1 rounds, you’ll be ready for the hunt. $430 See it here now

— The pocket-sized Hurricane Safety Systems PowerLOK is designed to secure hang-on style treestands safely to the tree without the fear of over-tightening or under tightening. A built-in clutch limits torque to 400 psi and can be attached using a cordless drive or standard ratchet. The PowerLOK eliminates the possibility of attachment ropes or straps stretching over time, or being compromised by animals or vandals. $69 See it here now

— Providing supplements for white-tailed deer should be a year-round consideration, and Rack One’s Overload is part of four-season system to help your management goals. Overload is packed with 20 percent protein, 9 percent fat and 6 percent fiber. It’s excellent for pregnant does to help recuperate from winter and build their bodies, and those of their fawns, during pregnancy and when they’re nursing. A great part of a year-round management plan. $30 See it here now

— Eliminate wet clothing with Scent Killer Gold Autumn Formula spray, engineered with Hunt Dry technology for maximum effectiveness after it dries. Whether you spray before walking to your stand, after you arrive or days before, Scent Killer Gold has been found to be more than 99 percent effective at stopping human odors 10 days after application. Subtle forest hints add an extra boost to blunting odors. $16 See it here now

Hunter Safety Systems Elite Vest is redesigned with many great features to help you stay safe and comfortable.

Hunter Safety Systems Elite Vest is redesigned with many great features to help you stay safe and comfortable.

— A complete redesign of the Hunter Safety System ELITE Vest eliminates dangling straps and improves comfort with numerous features. The brushed micro-tricot fabric shell is quiet, comfortable and weather-resistant, with stretchable Right-Fit zones to reduce pinching. A Comfort Cool liner wicks moisture on early-season hunts. Large bellows pockets with magnetic closures offer ample storage room. Internal straps including a redesigned tether strap offer the utmost in security. Simply don the vest, connect the waist buckle and leg straps, zip it up and you’re ready to attach the tether before climbing. $160 See it here now




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