Revealed: The Best Times for the Rut This Deer Season

Interested in finding out the best times for the peak rut this season and when to be in the stand for a shot at a big buck?

Dan Schmidt in a Heater Body SuitHunt the prime white-tailed deer rut days this fall using the 2014 Deer & Deer Hunting Northern Rut Forecast. It’s the perfect resource to ensure you’ll be in your stand for the heart of the whitetail rut.

Not every Northern hunter has the flexibility to block out the whole month of November to ensure a ringside seat to the rut. Behind years of research by Deer & Deer Hunting contributor Charles Alsheimer and Vermont wildlife biologist Wayne Laroche, this download lets hunters know the optimal times to hunt and observe the whitetail rut.

Charlie Alsheimer killed this great buck on Nov. 17 as it "dog-trotted" two does around a food plot.

Charlie Alsheimer killed this great buck on Nov. 17 as it “dog-trotted” two does around a food plot.

All things being equal, the rut’s sweet spot – the time when rutting behavior peaks – will begin about three days after the rutting moon and last for about 10 days. During this time, bucks will be frantically rubbing, scraping, fighting, cruising their expanded territory and chasing nearly every doe they encounter. This is the golden time for a hunter to be in the woods.

In this in-depth analysis of the 2014 rut, Alsheimer and Laroche forecast exactly when you can expect rut activity to pick up in your neck of the woods. Calendar pages for October, November and December show you the exact days you should target to be in your stand this fall!

The 35th latitude is the dividing line for Deer & Deer Hunting‘s Northern and Southern rut predictions. Starting from the east, this line runs across the country from approximately Charlotte, N.C., to Tulsa, Okla., to Amarillo, Texas. The North consists of all states with whitetail populations other than Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas; the southern halves of Arkansas, Arizona and New Mexico; and the southernmost parts of North Carolina and Oklahoma.

Don’t miss out this season when the best time of the peak rut occurs in your area!