REVIEW: Outdoor Edge Brush Demon Lives Up to Expectations

Is the path leading to your favorite tree stand littered with nasty berry brush, weeds and vines?

Does it look like this:

Before: Trail is overgrown with thorny brush and weeds. (photo by Dan Schmidt)

BEFORE: Trail is overgrown with thorny brush and weeds. (photo by Dan Schmidt)

That’s what mine looked like yesterday. That was before I got my hands on the new Brush Demon from Outdoor Edge:

Photo 3

My friend David Bloch of Outdoor Edge told me this new outdoor/survival tool was designed by custom knife maker and big blade expert, Jerry Hossom. The rugged, high-speed chopper is constructed of tough 65Mn carbon steel and protected with a durable black powder coat finish. The rubberized ergonomic TPR handle ensures an extreme, non-slip grip for extreme conditions. The Brush Demon includes a quality nylon scabbard with multiple grommets for tying to a pack or strapping to the leg. The quick-release belt loop can be modified for both low-ride and high-ride carry options. Blade length is 13.5” and 20.0” overall. Total weight is 22.4 ounces.

The Brush Demon feels good in the hand, and it performs like a champ. My wife told me I only had 10 minutes to “play” before dinner so, of course, I headed straight for the woods behind the house to see if I could get some work done in that short amount of time.

You be the judge:

photo 1

AFTER: Bye-bye to brush, vines and weeds! (Photo by Dan Schmidt)


Warning: Using the Brush Demon can be addicting. I humbly admit that I headed back to the woods for more destruction after our venison tenderloin dinner was complete. This is one tool that is sure going to come in handy during future scouting forays and hiking expeditions.

It retails for $69.95. For more information on it and other Outdoor Edge products, click here.