Save 100% ($58) “The Rock” Deluxe Shooting Rest

The Rock Deluxe Shooting Bench


The Bargain Blogger was able to speak with the owner of this website. The site is going through maintenance. This deal is not valid. The owner said the site will finish updating in a few days.

Regular Price: $58
Special Price: $0
Savings: 100% ($58)

The Bargain Blogger is well aware of the old saying, "If it’s too good to be true, it probably is." Take this deal for instance. "The Rock" Deluxe Shooting Rest is on sale for 100% off. That means free.

Sound too good to be true? The Bargain Blogger tried calling the customer service number at, which is offering the deal. He could not connect with anyone but a voice mail machine.

The Bargain Blogger then tested out putting the rest in a cart and going to checkout. The price was still $0.00. There were shipping and handling charges, though. With a heavy item like this, you can bet it’s a bit steep.

The Bargain Blogger cautions you. You get what you pay for, especially in the world of bargain hunting. Try to get someone on the phone before you place this order, just to be safe. The Bargain Blogger only alerts people to deals, he doesn’t broker them.

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