Save 48% ($9.50) Colonial Knife Cord Cutter

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Special Price: $10.49
Savings: $9.50 (48%)

Ever used a cord cutter? The Bargain Blogger uses one all the time. They’re more effective and safer to use compared to a knife when it comes to cutting cords.

It’s the design that makes them special. The cutting edge is tucked inside a curve, which naturally seats the cord. This makes it easy to cut, since the pressure holding the cord exponentially increases the cutting ability of the edge.

It’s that same curve that makes cutting safer, since the edge is kept partially concealed. No worries about a knife slipping and injurying its operator.

Sound complicated? It’s really not. The Bargain Blogger just appreciates how a simple tool like this works. You’ll also appreciate the stellar price he found. Click here for the best deal on a Colonial Knife Cord Cutter.