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Three deer hunting books at 49% off? The Bargain Blogger had to bring this up. Here’s the rundown on the Deer Hunting Secrets Bundle.

SPECIAL SHRINKWRAPPED BUNDLE! Hunt with three of the biggest names in whitetail hunting in the Deer Hunting Secrets, Vol. 1 three-book set. In Strategies for Whitetails, Charles Alsheimer, host of "Deer & Deer Hunting TV," takes you beyond the tree stand and into the pursuit with chapters devoted to maximizing hunting opportunities during the rut, exploring quality deer management, understanding the culture and community of hunters, and capturing your experience on film. Then, brothers Mark and Terry Drury reveal hidden secrets others would not tell, learned from a lifetime of mistakes, mayhem, and misadventures! In Giant Whitetails, the Drurys disclose ways to consistently harvest trophy bucks and share observation tactics and tips for hunting by the moon, as well as methods for successful ground hunting, non-intrusive hunting, and rattling antlers effectively. Finally, consistently harvesting big mature bucks takes skill, experience, and hard work. No one understands this better than the legendary Benoit family. In Big Bucks The Benoit Way 2nd Edition, follow Larry, Lanny, Shane, and Lane on the trail of some real monsters while learning the important aspects of this incredibly effective way to hunt white-tailed deer!

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