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Hunting books line The Bargain Blogger’s shelves. He likes reading them to get the cranial gears moving as fall approaches. One sure to get you pumped is Big Bucks the Benoit Way: Secrets from America’s First Family of Whitetail Hunting by Bryce M. Towsley.

Here’s the rundown:

Consistently harvesting big mature bucks each and every season takes skill, experience, and hard work. No one understands this better than the legendary Benoit family.

Big Bucks The Benoit Way, 2nd Edition, guides you through the steps of what it takes to hunt the way the Benoits hunt, and think the way they think. Award-winning author Bryce Towsley introduces us to a style of hunting made famous by the family that does it best.

Follow Larry, Lanny, Shane, and Lane on the trail of some real monsters, all the while learning the important aspects of this incredibly effective way to hunt whitetail deer!

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