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Many of The Bargain Blogger’s favorite venison recipes start with regular ol’ ground patties. From there, the possibilities are endless when it’s time to cook venison. But there’s always been a problem. Making perfect hand-made patties for a bunch of guests takes a long time.

Enter this Hamburger Patty Maker. The Bargain Blogger can’t wait to get his hands on one of these and out of the burger bowl. Here’s the rundown:

* Standard 4" press    
* Convenient toggle switch pushes patty upwards for easy removal    
* Durable, treated aluminum alloy and heavy-duty stainless steel    
* Lightweight design allow for easy storage    
* Heavy-duty rubber feet for stability    
* Frame and housing contruction from quality polished aluminum alloy and stainless steel    
* Includes 500-piece starte pack of paper liner    
* CE Approval

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