Save 50% ($18.48) Tool Logic SL1 Light Knife

Best price on Tool Logic SL1 Light Knife

Regular Price: $336.95
Special Price: $18.48
Savings: $18.47 (50%)

It’s a knife. It’s a flashlight. The Tool Logic SL1 Light Knife is both. It’s also on sale for 50% off. That’s good. The Bargain Blogger likes gimmicks, but he doesn’t want to pay big to see if they actually work. At half off, this one could be worth it. Or not. It’s up to you, deal hunters.

Here’s the rundown:

  • 50/50 serrated/flat blade allows slicing, piercing, and sawing
  • Small waterproof cavity holds small items such as matches
  • One-handed operation facilitates opening and closing
  • Pocket/belt clip and lanyard hole provide carrying options

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