Save 52% ($130) Steiner 8 x 22 Safari Pro Binoculars

Steiner 8 x 22 Safari Pro Binoculars

Regular price: $249
Special price: $119
Savings: $130 (52%)

The Bargain Blogger can’t have too many binoculars. There’s a pair in the shed, two in the truck, one in the house and many others in handy spots (although there’s nothing handy about being under a pile of clothes in a closet – The Bargain Blogger needs to get on that.)

Good thing he came across one of the best hunting deals of the week. You can get 52% off ($130) a set of slick Steiner 8 x 22 Safari Pro ‘nocs. Here’s the description:

"Designed for serious extended use, yet with elegant outside styling makes the new 8×22 Safari Pro ideal for travel, theater and sporting events. The new Safari Pro’s optical performance will also make them a joy to use on birds and wildlife.   

"Feather-light and compact, you’ll enjoy them on your favorite nature walk or hike. The new, larger center-focus wheel will allow for fast focusing on your subject while the extended eye-relief will bring your higher brightness with longer eye-relief for use with eyeglasses. In your hands and to your eyes, you’ll appreciate the well thought out shape that feels very comfortable and looks great.  The compact 8×22 Safari Pro will fold to fit a pocket or the included compact case. 

"Like all Safari Pro models, they feature the brilliance of Steiner optics, but screen UV-A and B light by nearly 100% for a cool crisp, comfortable view, making them ideal for hiking, backpacking in the mountains or at the beach."

Or for hunting huge deer, for that matter (The Bargain Blogger probably wouldn’t bring binoculars to the beach…)

Click here to get the best price for Steiner 8 x 22 Safari Pro Binoculars at $119 (52% off).