Save 52% ($40.97) D&DH’s Collection of Tracking & Trailing Resources

D&DH's collection of tracking and trailing resources

Regular Price: $78.96
Special Price: $37.99
Savings: $40.97 (52%)

First off, D&DH tells The Bargain Blogger that this deal will only be offered until the end of Sunday, July 31. So if you’re going to jump on it, do it quick.

Second, what a collection. It’s like D&DH went through its entire vault and picked the best stuff on tracking and trailing. After you get done with it, you’re not going to be scratching your head over a row of deer tracks.

Here’s the rundown:

The Tracking and Trailing for Hunters Premium Collection includes:

  • Big Bucks the Benoit Way-Secrets From America’s First Family of Whitetail Hunting Book
  • Deer & Deer Hunting Shot Simulator-Deluxe Edition Computer Program
  • DDH TV Season 1, Episode 12: Tracking Big-Woods Bucks with R.G. Bernier – Download
  • Deer & Deer Hunting TV Season 6 DVD

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