Save 52% ($74.52) D&DH’s Rut Prediction Collection

How to use Rut Predictions to your Advantage

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Special Price: $59.99
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Deer & Deer Hunting is known for producing rut predictions people like The Bargain Blogger count on for planning hunts. After all, there are only so many vacation days in a year.

Here’s the rundown on this stellar packaged deal:

Deer & Deer Hunting‘s readers can’t get enough rut predictions. They want to know how the moon affects rutting behavior, when the best dates are to hunt and what to expect throughout the season.All that and more is explained in extreme detail in the new How to Use Rut Predictions to Your Advantage Kit from Deer & Deer Hunting. Every single resource D&DH has about the 2011 and 2012 rut is included – at a discounted price. Including several great items by the expert Charlie Alsheimer, this is simply the best collection of rut knowledge ever assembled. Just ask the buck you kill this fall.

This is all yours for $59.99, a savings of 55%!

The How to use Rut Predictions to your Advantage Premium Collection includes:

*2011 Whitetail Lunar Rut Calendar Download

*Lunar Rut Predictions for 2011 with Charlie Alsheimer Online Course

*2012 Whitetail Lunar Rut Calendar

*The All New Hyper Growl

*PST Doe Estrous Code Blue

*3 Deer & Deer Hunting TV Episode Downloads: Season 5 Episode 5, Season 1 Episode 8 and Season 2 Episode 5

*Strategies for Whitetails Book

*Whitetail: A Photographic Journey Through the Seasons Book

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  1. Peter - Deer Hunting

    Charlie has always provided top notch Whitetail deer information over the years, great TV show also. I’m also a long time fan of his books, Yes hunters still read books!
    Charlie would you consider being a guest on my Hunt Talk Show?

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