Save 53% ($188.51) Bushnell Videoscope

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Savings: $188.51 (53% off)

The Bargain Blogger likes to watch whitetail deer hunting videos, and he often wonders how the crews capture some of that footage. The Bushnell Videoscope is one way it’s done. It’s usually a pricey item, but not with this smokin’ hot deal.

Here’s the rundown about the Bushnell Videoscope:

The Bushnell Videoscope is a small and lightweight video camera that sits on top your firearm’s sighting system. The Videoscope’s digital imaging system allows you to record up to 30 minutes your most exciting moments in the field. Everything in your line of sight can be captured digitally, and viewed later when the hunt is over.

– Totally waterproof housing
– Built to endure recoil from .375 H&H & 12-gauge firearms
– 1 GB internal flash memory stores 30 minutes VGA-quality video with audio

– Mass: 7.7 oz (218g)
– Length 6.75" (17cm)
– Color: Black

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