Save 57% ($4) Xtreme Scents Carrot Game Lure

Best price on Xtreme Scents Carrot Game Lure

Regular Price: $6.99
Special Price: $2.99
Savings: $4 (57%)

The summer is the time to stock up on discount lures. At less than three bucks a pop, this is the best price you’ll find on Xtreme Scents Carrot Game Lure. It’s more cost-effective than even homemade deer attractant.

This carrot blend could be used to attract deer or as a cover scent. It’s made from natural ingredients. The Bargain Blogger wonders if it’s really just canned soup, but that’s speculation. It’s not for eating.

Here’s its description:

Xtreme Scents Game Lure is a natural food scent product made from a unique blend of all-natural ingredients which give off an aggressive food odor, proven to be powerfully appealing to deer and other game. These food scent lures provide a strong natural odor for up to 12 hours per application.

Each Xtreme Scents Game Lure comes in a 8 oz plastic bottle with a squirt top designed to give you more control over the amount you dispense. This item is the Carrot Scent.

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