Save 60% ($180) Parker Sidekick Youth/Ladies Bow

Save 60% Parker Sidekick Bow

MSRP: $299.99
Special Price: $110
Savings: $180 (60%)

Hardcore bow-hunters didn’t start out pulling back high draw weights on big bows. They probably started out with something like this Parker Sidekick, designed for kids or ladies.

As far as discount archery goes, the deal is running is one of the best. You can get the bow for $110, which is a whopper of a deal considering MSRP is $299.99.

Heck, when you think about it, that’s a bow for a tank of gas in The Bargain Blogger’s pickup.

Here are some specs:

Draw weight: 40-50 lbs.
Draw length: 18-28 inches
Orientation: Left hand

Sorry, righties, you miss out on this deal. It’s just for south paws.

Click here to get the Parker Sidekick Bow.