Save 60% ($40) SOG Fish-On Knife

Save 60% ($40) SOG Fish-On Knife

Retail: $59.99
Special Price: $19.99
Savings: 60% ($40)

The Fish-On knife from SOG is one of those things you never knew you needed you have. If you’re like The Bargain Blogger, you spend most of your summer in a boat. Sometimes, fighting a lunker will mess up the reel and leave a big ol’ bird’s nest.

You need something more than a little toenail clipper for those jobs. Something like this Fish-On knife is perfect. The edge on this folder is straight all the way to the tip. That cuts down on accidental tip punctures (like line you don’t want to cut when you’re messing around with that bird’s nest).

Plus, it even sounds like a reel when you open it. How cool is that?

Thing is, this knife is normally $60. The Bargain Blogger wouldn’t risk losing it overboard. But at only $19.99 with this special deal, you can afford to put it in your tackle box.

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