Save 60% ($60.03) La Crosse Weather Station

Best price on La Crosse Technology® Internet - powered Weather Station
Regular Price: $100.00
Special Price: $39.97
Savings: $60.03 (60%)

The Bargain Blogger has one of those joke "weather machines." It’s a rock. When the rock is wet, you know it’s raining. When it’s hot, you know it’s sunny. When it moves two counties over, you know the wind is pretty bad.

If you’re serious about weather, then you need something a bit more sophisticated. Consider the La Crosse Technology Internet-Powered Weather Station. You connect it to the Internet, and it displays to-the-second weather information.

Granted, you may not have Internet access at the hunting cabin. That’s why it also comes with a backyard transmitter. This device takes real-time readings and doesn’t require the Internet.

Normally, this would sell for $100. The Bargain Blogger found it for 60% off. Click here to check out the La Cross Technology Internet-Powered Weather Station.