Save 64% ($369.99) TWO Moultrie Game Spy I-45 Cameras

Best price on Two-Pack of Moultrie Game Spy I-45 Cameras

Regular Price: $579.98
Sale Price: $209.99
You saved: $369.99 (64%)

You will not want to miss this red hot deal on trail cameras. Moultrie is offering a two-pack of Game Spy I-45 cams. Order the pack directly from the manufacturer to get the deal.

You should know that these refurbished trail cameras. The Bargain Blogger doesn’t think this is a bad thing. The savings outweigh the risk of buying used. Heck, The Bargain Blogger only drives used cars. Can a used trail camera be all that bad?

Here’s the rundown on the I-45:

Many hunters want to avoid any detection in the woods by using an infrared camera, but many on the market still have a “red glow”. Moultrie’s Game Spy I-45 solves that problem completely. It’s the first virtually invisible infrared Game Spy. Its infrared flash captures excellent nighttime images using light that is virtually undetectable to game, and humans.

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Moultrie will sell you a trail camera, but only Deer & Deer Hunting has expert advice on how to use it. Once you order your two-pack, click here to download the "Advanced Trail Camera Tactics" Online Course.

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