Save 66% ($100.03) Browning Wakota Ridge 38×84″ Sleeping Bag

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Savings: $100.03 (66%)

People are always looking for hunting tips for deer. Here’s one from The Bargain Blogger: Get a good night’s sleep. For most hunters, that means crawling into a sleeping bag.

The Bargain Blogger came across a major sleeping bag sale – one that you can’t get to by browsing on the site the deal is offered. His favorite of the bunch is the Browning Wakota Ridge 38×84" Sleeping Bag.

First reason: It’s huge. The Bargain Blogger likes to stretch out, even if he is in a sleeping bag. Next, it has a canvas outer for extra durability. Here the real kicker: It uses straps, not strings, to close. If you’ve never had a sleeping bag with straps, this is the time to see what you’re missing.

At 66% off, it’s one of the best hunting deals on the ‘net. Click here to get the best price on a Browning Wakota Ridge 38×84" Sleeping Bag.