Save 67% ($3,623) Warrior 45-Gun Safe

Best price on gun case

Retail Price: $5,399
Special Price: $1,776
Your Savings: $3,623 (67%)

The Bargain Blogger is always on the hunt for the best price on a gun safe. They’re the first line of protection for the safe storage of firearms. They may cost a bundle, but they are worth every penny and will last decades.

Good thing The Bargain Blogger found this deal on a Warrior 45 Gun Safe. You’ll save $3,623. When was the last time ANYTHING outside of a car or truck was $3,623 off the normal retail price?

Here are some details:

The "Warrior" 72” x 42” x 28” gun safe was designed with two major factors in mind. The first being price the second protecting the "kids". We offer larger and heavier gun safes but we understand that sometimes doing the best with what you have is the most important. The "Warrior" 39 gun is the strongest gun safe in this price range.
*       45 gun capacity (15/15/15)    
*       1 Hr. Fire    
*       (9) 1" Chrome locking bolts    
*       Press-Bent Steel construction   785 Lbs.    
*       Drill shield hard plate protecting locking & Boltwork    
*       Advanced re-locking (prevents forced entry)

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