Scott Leysath’s Pick of the Day: Sporting Chef’s Better Venison Cookbook

Click the photo to learn more ...

Click the photo to learn more …

One of Scott Leysath’s favorite and most-often repeated bits of advice for anyone cooking wild game is quite simple: Do not overcook it!

CELEBRITY Scott LeysathLeysath lives in California, hunts and fishes regularly, and is known for his easy, delicious meals. Whether it’s deer or elk, ducks or geese, quail, fish or exotic fare like his popular rattlesnake-rabbit sausage, he’s of the mind that simple and fresh ingredients, good meat or fish, and maybe a tasty but not drenching and flavor-hiding sauce can bring out the best at the dinner table.

In his fantastic cookbook, “The Sporting Chef’s Better Venison Cookbook,” Leysath lays down the keys to venison deliciousness. In step-by-step fashion, he’ll take you through the basics of field care and storage, cuts and drying, and trimming, slicing and dicing. Finally, you’ll find 100 select recipes with great photos.

In The Sporting Chef’s Better Venison Cookbook You’ll Find:

  • Twelve chapters covering various methods of venison preparation, including soups and stews, whole cuts in the oven, grilling and smoking,
  • Professional studio photography of dishes prepared by a food stylist,
  • Restaurant-grade tips and techniques to bring out the full flavor of venison and eliminate any unpleasant “gamey” taste.

Order your cookbook today and get ready for super meals this season!