Six Things You Need For Deer Camp

If your deer season break is over and the itch has hit to do some off-season management, cleanup or pre-season preparation, now’s the time to take care of those things before summer arrives and it gets too doggone hot!

BigBuck1With turkey season open pretty much throughout the country, hitting the woods to chase longbeards is also a good opportunity to do a little scouting. You may find some shed antlers, trails, hidey-holes in the woods or some other clues to help you once bow season arrives in autumn.

But if you’re not chasing gobblers and don’t want to sweat like a dog in summer, spring is a great time to move stands, clear trails, trim trees or limbs, make repairs at camp and do other maintenance. Getting things done now saves you time, keeps you out of the woods in summer’s heat and gives you a little peace of mind once deer season arrives instead of that last-minute crunch to get things done.

Check out this selection of deer hunting gear that can help:

Tree Stand Up

Getting a ladder stand up and locked on a tree isn’t easy, but Tree Stand Up is so insanely simple and helpful that anyone putting up stands should have some.

They’re made of durable composite nylon that withstands normal use and wear, and can be removed once the stand is up so you can use them on other stands. All you do is insert the bottom posts of the stand into the Tree Stand Up and secure the spikes in the ground. Then you can “walk up” the stand or, if you have a buddy, use a rope to help pull it up while walking it up.

Tree Stand Up fits ladder stands with posts up to 1 inch. Works like a champ and makes the task much easier. BUY IT HERE

— VIDEO: Watch How Easy It Is To Use Tree Stand Up


Gorilla Gear Trail Blazer Tacks

You may know, quite well, the trails leading to your stands or favorite ground blind but that doesn’t mean a guest or family member knows them.

You’d hate for a guest or family member to get lost or not find their stand and have a crappy hunting experience wandering around trying to find it or get back to the truck. Reflective tacks help solve this problem.

The glowing tacks are easily seen by flashlights when you  hit ’em with the beam. Buy several packs, mark your trails or signposts when you’re cleaning them up this spring, and you’ll be ready once the season arrives. BUY IT HERE


Big Game Dial Scale

ScaleQuit guessing about a deer’s weight at the skinning shed and keep proper records with this great Big Game Dial Scale.

It’s built with a large, steel case and big face with easy-to-read numbers in 2-pound increments. Hoist a big buck or giant hog and you’ll know quickly what it weighs. The scale has a 550-pound weight capacity so pretty much whatever game you’re hunting, you’ll have an accurate weight.

Good whitetail deer management involves keeping records, and having the body weight along with post-cleaning weights can give you great data. BUY IT HERE


Big Game Magnum Lift System

If you’re buying a scale, you need a heck of a lift to get that big buck off the ground safely and securely.

The Big Game Magnum Lift System has a 4:1 reduction pulley system with a self-locking device. When used appropriately, your deer or hog isn’t going anywhere. The lift comes with four pulleys and 45 feet of poly-rope, is tested to 900 pounds and includes a gambrel.

Beef up your skinning shed and be ready. BUY IT HERE


OutdoorEdge Razor BladeOutdoor Edge Razor Blade

Having a great knife in camp is a necessity, and the Outdoor Edge Razor Blade system has multiple uses you’ll be appreciative of indoors or out.

The replaceable blade system solves the problem of dull knives. You can sharpen the blade or simply put in another one by unlocking the blade and adding a new one. Rubberized handles provide a sure grip. The knife comes with six replacement blades and a sheath.

Whether you’re skinning a deer or cutting up a venison roast for chili, a great knife is a necessity. BUY IT HERE


ICOtec GC300

ICOtec GC300Predator game management in spring and summer should be part of your year-round wildlife plan.

Coyotes are searching for food now for their pups. Females are defensive and males are territorial, so it’s a good time to do some serious thinning of your ‘yote population.

The ICOtec GC300 offers multiple distress and songbird calls, has great volume and is easily portable. Combine it with a decoy or feather on a string tied to a coat hanger, have a good setup and get ready to bust ’em. BUY IT HERE