Slice Limbs Like a Boss for Your Best Shooting Lanes

EZ Kut Pruner tree limb

Trimming shooting lanes is one of the necessary tasks of successful bowhunting.

When you’re in the stand getting ready for the season one of the most important things to do is create shooting lanes or gaps for your bow or gun shots.

These are so critically important that it may well be one of the best hunting tips you can act on. It completely stinks when you release an arrow or pull the trigger and watch a deer run away because of a deflection. A limb you may miss could cause a bullet to expand or change direction, and of course an arrow hitting a limb just about always results in that problem.

EZ Kut Pruner

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But that’s a problem you can rectify with pre-season planning and legwork. Pruning shooting lanes takes time and a good cutting tool like the EZ Kut Pruner. It’s designed specifically with the user in mind, with a three-stage ratcheting system and ergonomic handle that gives you more leverage. Plus, the knuckle guard helps prevent dings if you mess up and slip.

The Teflon-coated 440-hardened steel blade cuts through limbs with ease. The blade is replaceable, too, so you can use the EZ Kut Pruner for years. Whether you’re getting rid of heavy brush, briars and limbs for a ground blind or you’re in a climber, lock-on or ladder stand with more options for shooting lanes, take care of the situation early and be ready during deer season.

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