Strive to Pursue the Quality and Craftsmanship of American-Made


If you’re hesitant to buy a foreign car or truck, what’s stopping you from using the same logic about American-made products for your hunting purchases?

In this world of interconnectivity and interdependence of commerce between countries, we see and use goods manufactured overseas on a daily basis. While there are certain benefits to such trade and “swapping of goods,” there’s still nothing like locally made merchandise.

Especially in the hunting industry, innumerable products are blatantly ripped off of American design, manufactured in other countries and then sold at a far lower price. It looks the same. It feels the same. But I can guarantee you it just can’t compare to the real thing. So don’t be fooled by a slim price tag on a familiar design.

Rick Bedar strives for American-made quality, craftsmanship and customer relations with his TenPoint Technologies, Horton and Wicked Ridge crossbow family.

There’s something about American-made products that stand a cut above the rest; maybe even two cuts. Brands like Remington and Ruger, Hoyt and TenPoint Crossbows are proud to be U.S.A born-and-bred, and that’s worth something! Forget the price tag, whether it’s a low-end budget-friendly model or falls at a higher price point, the products made by these companies are forged by hands that have grown up on the same American soil as you.

American consumers and American manufacturers come from the same common ancestry, and a character of trust and true craftsmanship that is built on the principles of the Founding Father’s themselves. When you buy American-made, you buy something of incomparable quality with a virtual lifetime of usability. You can’t be sure of that workmanship when it arrives on our shores in a cargo crate.

Furthermore, the same American ingenuity that built this country from the ground up and has made it what it is today, that’s what the engineers of these U.S.A made brands put into every product they design.

Think of products like the Ruger 10/22 rifle, the Remington 870 shotgun, and the ever-dependable TenPoint Titan or Turbo crossbow model and all of its variations. Those products are household names in the outdoor community. They are synonymous with many hunter’s and outdoorsmen’s first firearm, or first piece of archery equipment. You simply cannot knock off nostalgia like that. That’s why they often are considered the best shotgun or best crossbow on the market.

TenPoint’s Titan SS is just one of the many crossbows in the TenPoint Technologies family that are 100 percent American-made.

Then, when you understand the importance of American-made quality and craftsmanship, understand that most of these brands remain family-owned to this day. There’s nothing quite like the American Dream. To this day, people travel to this country in search of it.

The people who built, own, and operate American-made businesses like the Bednar family, who own TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, literally struggled through that process and now live out the American Dream every day. They employ American workers in search of their own version of the American Dream, and they do it right from “small town USA” in little Mogadore, Ohio. How cool is that!

So the next time you head to your local retailer or enter a Google search to gear up for hunting season, to buy a loved one a gift, or just to kill time and look around, remember how significant these American-made businesses are. If you’re hesitant to buy a foreign car or truck, what’s stopping you from using the same logic when it comes to your next shotgun or hunting crossbow purchase?

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