Woods Wise Super Hot Ma-Mah

After completion of a multi-year research study of peak of estrus doe vocalizations, Woods Wise Callmaster Jerry Peterson proudly introduces four powerful new doe breeding sounds for deer hunters. The Super Hot "Ma-Mah" feature a pre-tuned Inhale/Exhale reed system, a soft rubber body to prevent stray noise, a megaphone design for better tone and volume and a 30 minute mini DVD to show you how it’s done. The "Ma-Mah" is the actual sound and it can be produced two ways on the call. By Inhaling softly, it makes a smooth "Come Here Ma-Mah" that calls both bucks and does. By Exhaling forcefully, it produces the loud demanding doe in "Estrus Ma-Mah" that drives bucks wild! Also by Exhaling in single puffs of air you make "Breeding Blats" to coax bucks closer. Finally, by Inhaling AND Exhaling sharply into the call you automatically reproduce the famous "Breeding Bellow" doe in estrus call. When using this call always be ready, because…"When Hot Does Cry "Ma-Mah", Big Bucks Come Running!" For information, call Woods Wise Products toll free at (888)WW CALLS, or visit   www.woodswise.com.