Tag the Buck of a Lifetime with Big Buck Tactics

Discover the secret to tagging huge whitetail bucks this season by picking up a copy of Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine’s special issue of Big Buck Tactics, available on newsstands now.

Big Buck TacticsThe experts share with readers how the professionals get it done in this new special issue from Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine. This premier guide to hunting mature white-tailed deer offers top tactics for both gun and bowhunters. Big Buck Tactics covers everything from hunting in the cornfields and windy terrains, to bowhunting at the peak of the rut and mistakes to avoid when gun hunting. Experts identify the top five toughest bucks to hunt in the country and share their proven tips for slug gun and muzzleloading hunters looking to improve their approach and increase their success.

Whether hunting in a tree stand or on the ground, Big Buck Tactics offers hunters in-depth strategies to consider employing this season. Readers will find out how that camouflage gear actually defeats a targeted deer’s vision and learn the scent control plans that are sure to work on any property. Plus, get inspired with a guide to proverbs that all gun hunters should live by this hunting season.

Get the edge this season by reading Big Buck Tactics from the producers of Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine.

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