Take Your Ballistic Calculator to the Range, Deer Woods

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, the world’s leading manufacturer of high performance sports optics, is pleased to announce the launch of its new Ballistic Calculator mobile app available for the iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices. Modeled after the highly successful website-based program, the mobile app is a completely interactive tool you can take to the range or into the field.

Zeiss11“In the spirit of forward thinking, we wanted those who use our proprietary ballistic reticles to have a ballistic tool that could be used virtually anywhere you have a signal for your device,” stated Mike Jensen, President of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics. “We are constantly striving to provide truly innovative technology that will compliment every skill set for our passionate customers.”

The ZEISS Ballistic Calculator app virtually eliminates the guesswork for hunters and sport shooting enthusiasts alike. The user-friendly, intuitive ZEISS Ballistic Calculator was developed by a team of the most experienced ballistics engineers and promises to help hunters and shooters of all levels to master the long-range shot.

The  ZEISS Ballistic Calculator app allows users to pick their exact ZEISS Riflescope with ballistic reticle from a drop-down menu. The user also has the ability to select factory or hand load data as well as environmental variables, and then the system will calculate and display the optimum magnification setting. The result is that distant yardages now coincide with the ZEISS ballistic reticle subtensions. The system allows the user to adjust standard settings for altitude and temperature, as well as other advanced settings, e.g. for muzzle velocity and sight height above bore.

Key Features:

  • – One page screen application for fast data entry and easy to read results
  • – Comprehensive and current database for factory and hand loaded ammunition
  • – Adjustable settings to customize unique shooting environments
  • – Slide feature to visualize how change in magnification settings affect point of impact

The addition of our ASV ballistic turret system will be available shortly.

The mobile Ballistic Calculator app can be downloaded at Google Play (Android App) and iTunes (iPhone App) for $4.99. To access the free web version, visit www.zeiss.com/us/sports-optics.

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