Tame Those Stinky Dogs With a Quick Shot of Powder

We do as much as possible to contain our human odors before, and maybe even when, we get into the woods for a morning or afternoon of deer hunting.

ATSKOBut sometimes in the effort to spray our clothes that have been hanging outside or contained in a special container just for them, we forget about our boots. Sure, we’ll spray the outside of them with something and then head out. But what about the inside of our boots?

They can get pretty stinky if our dogs are sweating. Walking to and from the stand, tromping around in the woods, and early-season hunts all can combine for sweat and bacteria. Those two things create odors.

Having two pair of boots and swapping them is effective, to let one dry out completely. A boot dryer also helps to eliminate moisture. Wadded-up newspapers stuffed inside the boots also can help remove moisture, especially if you’ve waded through a creek or are hunting in the early season. I usually leave my boots outdoors to dry out, away from the garage or other things that may cause them to pick up odors.

One quick thing I’ll also do is add some ATSKO N-O-DOR II powder to the inside of the boots before I head out. The powder is scent-free and helps kill odors. Spritz a few shots inside your boots and then lace up or pull them on. You also can put the N-O-DOR on your clothing, skin or hair, so a shot in the armpits of your shirt or inside your cap, with a shake to get it settled, also can help.

— Alan Clemons