The Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Deer Hunters

Mom wiped your bum, smooched your boo-boos, cooked your favorite meals, gave you advice and a hug when that crazy-eyed girlfriend broke your heart and always loved to go deer hunting when possible.

Right? Yeah, that’s right. You know she did those things and more. She cooked the first wild game and fish you brought in proudly. Worried when you went off hunting, even with family, because you’re her child. Mothers do those things.

And how do we show our gratitude? Too often with a horribly expensive, smarmy greeting card picked out sometime this week and maybe a meal at a jam-packed restaurant this weekend. Ugh. Do more than that and make sure she knows it’s a big day.

If Mom loves to hunt, fish or be outdoors, treat her to something special this year. Click the highlighted links for suggestions you should be able to find or order this week:

GEAR HuntworthHuntworth Camo
Huntworth apparel isn’t just cookie-cutter stuff with camo patterns. The gloves, tops and pants have been designed so you’re able to move comfortably and handle a range of weather conditions. Most folks don’t think about gloves, for example, but the ones from Huntworth fit great, have cool features like touch screen enabled fingertips, and are wonderfully warm.

TenPoint Carbon Nitro RDX with ACUdraw

TenPoint Carbon Nitro RDX with ACUdraw

Pick a New Crossbow
Crossbows are fun to shoot, incredibly accurate and definitely put deer on the ground. The safety features built into today’s models are better than ever. Heck, they’re better than they were five years ago and definitely 10 years ago. Technology is changing by leaps and bounds thanks to new designs, materials and more will come in the future. Take mom to the archery shop and help her pick out a new crossbow, accessories and Block target.

GEAR Yeti Rambler Mug Tahoe BlueYeti Rambler, Cooler
Jeepers, so much to choose from to make Mom happy, from a new Hopper Flip or one of the three sizes of the re-engineered Hopper Two softsider. The zipper opening has been reconfigured for easier access and has improved insulation to keep ice and goods colder longer. It has a tough-as-nails outer shell, is 100 percent waterproof and among several cool things for Mom. If she’s not the type for a cooler then pick out one of the cool new colored Rambler tumblers. Four colors are available, including Seafoam and Tahoe Blue. They come in 20- and 32-ounce sizes.

Books for the Kitchen
Don’t read this and think, “Geez, what a goob for suggesting cookbooks just because she’s a woman.” I may be a goob but I’m not stupid. Cookbooks are cool for anyone who enjoys deer hunting and likes to create tasty venison dishes. You can find some great cookbooks, CDs and downloads filled with super tips, photos and recipes here in Included are offerings from Stacy Lyn Harris, Scott Leysath, Eric Fromm and Al Cambronne, and DDH readers. And if you’re really keen on doing something fun for mom, cook her one of these recipes this week.

Mathews moviePick a New Bow
It would be almost impossible to list the great possibilities for new bows due to the super features found now for men, women and youths. Gone are the days of “Eh, shoot this bow and you’ll figure it out.” Women how have multiple options for lengths, poundage, accessories and even colors. That’s pretty cool, too, because more options and variety give more people a chance to get outdoors and into archery.

A New Muzzleloader
One shot, so make it count. Muzzleloaders have been part of American history since its earliest days. Now it’s possible to have an inline muzzleloader that shoots accurately out to 150 yards or farther for deer and big game. Choose between the T/C Strike with sleek lines and stylish wooden accents or a synthetic camo model CVA Accura that punches Mother Nature in the mouth. Muzzleloaders are wonderfully fun to hunt with and are a great way to expand your deer season.

Field & Stream Clothing
Last winter my wife donned my soft-shell Field & Stream camo jacket a couple of times and remarked how it was warm and snuggly. I’m not into snuggly for hunting but definitely prefer warm, and Field & Stream apparel works wonderfully to do just that. Field & Stream creates its men’s and women’s apparel the same way: with careful attention to detail, design features to help you move easier and great fabrics that shed the elements. Check out the new Every Hunt lineup for some great possibilities.

Lacrosse Aerohead Sport boots are lightweight, warm and comfortable.

Lacrosse Aerohead Sport boots are lightweight, warm and comfortable.

Hunting Boots are Super, Of Course
Women’s feet are different from men’s, so it’s foolish to just buy men’s boots and try to compensate. Don’t. Do. That. Today’s slip-on boots are definitely warmer and better than just a few years ago. They’re toasty warm on cold days with good socks, have some options for trim and design should you want a little of flair, and if mom’s keen on knocking around in snake territory then get her some that will withstand Mr. NoShoulders. Whether she uses them in the garden or at the pond catching catfish or in November going to the deer stand, boots are a super pick.