The Best Way To Fire Up Big Bucks with Your Mock Scrapes

If you’re thinking ahead to the increased rutting activity we’ll be seeing in the coming weeks then you know that mock scrapes are a fantastic way to get a buck’s attention and keep him fired up.

Big bucks know their territory and whenever an interloper slips in and leaves a signpost scrape, they go crazy. One of the best ways to do that is with your own mock scrape and licking branch, which deer rub with their heads to deposit pre-orbital gland secretions. It’s a pretty important step to making a great mock scrape, too.

Smokey's Preorbital Gland Lure

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Now is the time for all big buck hunters to get serious about mock scrapes! Check out this awesome video by our Facebook friend Stephen Hachey. Stephen got the video on his hunting property and was obsessed with hunting this great deer.

Want to create similar magic with a mock scrape? Get out there and create your own mock scrapes first, then doctor the licking branches with an authentic preorbital lure. Research has shown that the licking branch is the key to a mock scrape’s effectiveness in attracting bucks and does of all ages and sizes.

Smokey McNichols of West Virginia is an old-time trapper who has perfected the art of mock-scrape hunting. His preorbital lure is the real deal — extracted from real whitetails, bottled and shipped fresh. The learn more about his lure, check out the details at our online shop.

Good hunting everyone! Let’s hear your success stories and see your photos!

— Dan