Thin, Strong and It Can Save Your Life

HHS UltraLite HarnessWeighing just a few ounces but with the strength to support hundreds of pounds, one of the best hunting tools you can own is so light you’ll forget about it.

But you’ll love it when you need it while you’re deer hunting or hanging stands.

Hunter Safety Systems UltraLite fall restraint harness is engineered with comfortable Smart Fabrics, soft-touch binding around your neck and arms to help prevent chafing, and a new design that eliminates dangling straps and weave-through buckles. New buckles are merely a click and you’re done

The safety tether also has been redesigned with a 1.25-inch width that is thinner than previous tethers. But it absorbs more shock than previous versions.

The UltraLite series is fully interchangeable with other accessories like the Lineman’s Climbing Strap or Saddle Bags. Check it out here now.