Tips to Organize Your Firearm Cleaning Accessories

Several of my hunting items aren’t as organized as I’d like them to be, which is not a good thing when I’m ready to clean a firearm after a day at the range or following a hunt in inclement weather.

That’s my fault, of course. Along with being a moderate pack rat and having too much stuff, my cleaning items are in a somewhat central location but not completely organized. It’s something on my long to-do list that I need to knock out and get accomplished.

The MTM gun rod cleaning case securely holds cleaning rods and accessories in one lockable storage item.

I know what to do about it, though, and when I carve out time I’ll be busy doing these things:

— Gathering my cleaning solvents to check for empty cans or bottles to throw away, and also tossing anything that I don’t believe has performed well in the past.

— Putting cleaning patches, lubricants and cleaning solvents into separate resealable plastic containers. I get these at the grocery store; they’re large enough for food storage in the pantry or fridge, and I use them already for patches and fishing lures, so they’re good for organizing.

— Seeking a larger box or container to house everything, so I can easily carry them all to the range if need be for a longer day of practice. Having everything in one easy-to-carry shooting supply box is an even better idea for travel or to have in one place at home.

One other great thing to keep intact is all of your cleaning rods and brushes. MTM Case-Gard has a nifty storage unit for these that would be great to have so everything’s protected from dirt and being bent in an accident. Great for travel, too.

Here’s some detailed information from MTM about it:

Since 1968, MTM has continued to design and produce products for the shooting enthusiast. From ammo boxes to gun rests to clay target throwers, MTM offers a huge variety of products essential to the sportsman. For 2017, MTM has released the first case made exclusively for cleaning rods— the Gun Cleaning Rod Case.

The MTM Gun Cleaning Rod Case was designed for the sportsman dedicated to rifle and shotgun shooting. The rugged case is capable of storing four rifle or shotgun cleaning rods up to 47” long within its foam padded interior.

Each rod is held in an individual slot making transportation rattle-free; perfect for the field or in the back of your truck. Inside the case there is room allotted for storing patches, jags and brushes. Finally, long gun enthusiasts no longer have to fumble and search for miscellaneous cleaning equipment since it will all be in an easy to access container.

       Gun Cleaning Rod Case Features:

  • Holds four rifle or shotgun cleaning rods up to 47” long
  • Room for storing patches, jags and brushes
  • Rods are held in their own individual slots
  • Foam padded for rattle-free transportation
  • Color: Red
  • MSRP: $29.99