Top Archery Accessories For Hunting from ATA!

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The staff of Deer & Deer Hunting is on hand at the annual Archery Trade Association show to find some of the newest archery and hunting gear, so be sure to check in throughout the day for updates …

Carbon Express Launchpad Illuminated Nock

Top shooters know nocks are important for consistent, accurate arrow flight, which is what led Carbon Express engineers to develop the patent-pending LAUNCHPAD Illuminated Precision Nock.

LAUNCHPAD Illuminated Precision Nocks are like no other nocks available today. In the past, lighted nocks focused on brightness and battery life. LAUNCHPAD changes this with the first lighted nock engineered for better arrow performance. Carbon Express designed this nock to ensure consistency at all critical launch-points to allow hunters to shoot better no matter what arrow they are using.

LAUNCHPAD Illuminated Nocks are balanced and manufactured with four-axis consistency and straightness within 0.001″, which ensures truest flight. LAUNCHPAD nocks are engineered to help you shoot better, featuring precise contact points, precision aligned nock barrels and a concentric design.

The engineering expertise Carbon Express has applied to LAUNCHPAD ensures an optimal combination of weight, brightness and battery life, all delivered with minimal reduction of arrow front-of-center (FOC). The shooter can expect accuracy, speed and precision.

Accuracy: breakthrough design ensures straightest flight
Speed: lightest weight delivers flatter trajectory
Precision: exact tolerances provide consistency every time

LAUNCHPAD fits all Carbon Express carbon hunting arrows and most non-Carbon Express branded “standard sized” carbon hunting arrows with internal arrow shaft diameter .243″ to .245″.

Info: Carbon Express



G5 Halo Capture Rest

G5 Outdoors has added the new Halo Capture Rest to its stable of archery equipment.

With its independent adjustable launcher arms, this full capture rest can be adjusted to any size arrow shaft, including micro diameter arrows. The ambidextrous Halo Capture Rest features forward flexing arms that spring out of the way of the arrow’s path for maximum forgiveness and accuracy.

“With the ever changing arrow market, we felt the need to develop a rest that would allow an archer to quickly and easily take his rest and make it work with whatever arrow he is shooting,” said Matt Grace, President of G5 Outdoors.

The Halo Capture is available in black and has a MAP of $49.99.

Info: G5 Archery


TenPoint Crossbows Omni-Nock

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies recently introduced its patent pending Omni-Nock, an all-purpose nock that eliminates the need to choose between moon nocks, capture nocks, or flat nocks.

The Omni-Nock features six micro-grooves that form three string alignment channels. This design eliminates improper loading accidents that can occur with moon and capture nocks.

“With the addition of the Omni-Nock, we are now the one-stop source for crossbow arrows,” said TenPoint CEO Rick Bednar. “Regardless of which arrow you shoot, the Omni-Nock improves accuracy and makes moon, capture, and flat nocks obsolete.”

In addition, it prevents flat-nock “shoot-over” or “shoot-under” that can happen with the acute string angles common on today’s longer power-stroke and reverse-draw models, and with narrow bow assembly designs. Even if the vane is slightly misaligned when the arrow is loaded, the Omni-Nock will self-correct the alignment as acceleration begins.

The nock comes standard on the company’s five-arrow Easton lineup of lightweight, standard-weight, and heavyweight crossbow arrows.

Info: TenPoint Crossbows


G5 Outdoors Meta Peep Sight

G5 Outdoors has taken a look at all components on bows and introduces the META Aluminum Peep Sight.

Featuring 7075 aluminum construction, this performance peep sight is stronger and lighter than magnesium or 6000 series aluminum sights, making it a better fit for today’s high performance bows.

“In the process of designing the Prime bow, we identified components that needed to be updated to better suite these high performance bows,” said Matt Grace, President of G5 Outdoors. “The META peep was one of those components. Our engineers understand that even the smallest component can determine the success or failure of a hunt.”

By creating a thinner profile through internal radial design, more light is allowed through the peep for a clearer, wider field of view.

The META Aluminum Peep Sight is available in four high contrast colors: red, blue, pink and green and in three sizes, 3/16″, ¼” and 5/16″. The new META Aluminum Peep has a MAP of $9.95.

Info: G5 Archery