Top New Deer Hunting Bows Shine at ATA Show!

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – An army of folks from Deer & Deer Hunting are roaming the floor of the annual Archery Trade Association show to find some of the newest archery and hunting gear this week, so be sure to check in throughout the day for updates …

BowTech Destroyer

One of the bestselling bows from BowTech Archery is back and better than ever with the introduction of the limited edition Destroyer 350.

BowTech Destroyer

Complete with BowTech’s latest industry-changing technologies, The Destroyer 350 LE will be available only in limited quantities in 2013.

“The Destroyer really was a bow that truly left its competition in the dust,” said Samuel Coalson, Director of Marketing for the bow manufacturer. “BowTech made history with the original introduction of the Destroyer and its three industry changing technologies in
2010. For 2013, we’ve revisited our industry-defining bow and found a few ways to bring it back to the top.”

The Destroyer 350 LE features the OverDrive Binary Cam System for symmetry, synchronization and stability with every shot. The FLX-Guard technology terminates riser torque, and HardCore Limbs define durability while providing intense speed.

With a six-inch brace height and an axle-to-axle length of 32 3/8 inches, the Destroyer 350 LE can launch arrows at speeds up to 350 feet per second.

The bow is available in BlackOps LE, and has a suggested retail price of $849.

Info: BowTech


Diamond Archery Infinite Edge

Diamond Archery is pushing the limits of performance and value with the introduction of the Infinite Edge, a compound bow designed for progressive shooters.

Equipped with Diamond’s extremely adjustable technologies, the Infinite Edge is so
versatile that it will be the last bow you’ll ever have to buy.

“Diamond Archery aims to provide archers with the most durable and affordable bows on the market, and the Infinite Edge is built to provide speed and accuracy throughout an archer’s development,” said Diamond’s Director of Marketing Samuel Coalson. “The Infinite Edge is the most adjustable bow Diamond has ever designed, making it a must-have for archers tired of outgrowing their bow.”

The Infinite Edge features a draw length setting adjustable between 13 and 30 inches without changing the limbs or using a bow press, an infinite draw setting for training programs, first time shooters or bowfishing, and a draw weight range between five and 70 pounds.

With a 31-inch axle-to-axle length and a seven-inch brace height, the 3.1-pound Infinite Edge can shoot arrows at speeds up to 310 feet per second. Included with the extremely adjustable bow are all the accessories a beginning archer needs, making the Infinite Edge not only versatile, but also ready to shoot right away.

Available finishes include BlackOps, Pink Blaze, and Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity. The Infinite Edge also has an improved aesthetic from its predecessor, Razor Edge, and a suggested retail price of just $399.

Info: Diamond Archery


PSE X-Force Dream Season DNA

When the Drury brothers challenged the engineers at PSE to design a lightweight, high performance hunting bow, it seemed impossible.

Stripping down a current model or creating a bow that was too expensive for most hunters was not an option. Instead, PSE’s engineers set out to design a bow that was entirely different, all the way down to its DNA.

The Dream Season DNA by PSE was created by using a riser forged out of state-of-the-art, ultra-light and ultra-strong aluminum alloy. The new DNA weighs only 3.7 lbs. It features PSE’s new Center Pull technology that places the arrow in the exact center of the bow for unparalleled tuneability and exceptional performance. The amazing Core cam produces speeds of up to 352 fps, has 5 inches of draw length adjustment on the inner-cam, and is incredibly smooth. The DNA also features the new Centerlock 2 Limb Pockets, FleX Cable Slide, Backstop 2 and all the other features you expect from PSE.

Info: PSE Archery

Bear Motive 6

Powered by our new Bear Synchronized Hybrid Cam System, the Motive 6’s H13 Cams are  the brains and the brawn behind this new bow, achieving blazing speeds while maintaining a smooth, comfortable draw cycle.

Specs for the Motive 6:

  • SPEED (IBO): 350 FPS
  • WEIGHT: 4 pounds
  • BRACE HEIGHT:6 inches
  • AXLE TO AXLE: 32 inches
  • DRAW LENGTH RANGE: 25.5″ to 30″
  • LET-OFF: 75 percent
  • STRINGS/CABLES: Bear Contra-Band HP
  • CABLE SLIDE: 4×4 Roller Guard

Info: Bear Archery

Mathews Creed, Chill and ZXT

Mathews introduced three hot new bows a few months ago – the Creed, Monster Chill and ZXT – before the holidays.

Click here now to check out their specs, photos and information about the new lineup of hot bows at three price points for Mathews fans!


Quest Drive

Quest Bowhunting introduces the new Drive Bow built with a focus on balancing smoothness and forgiveness, and featuring Quest’s new Flux Cam.

“We are proud to introduce the fastest Quest bow to date,” stated Quest President and co-owner Matt Grace. “The Drive provides the perfect combination of speed, smoothness, and forgiveness, making it the perfect bow for serious hunters.”

The Drive delivers arrow speeds of 323 FPS, making it the fastest bow in the Quest line. The newly designed Flux Cam provides an extremely smooth draw with a solid back wall for smooth and consistent shooting at the range and in the field.

In addition, the Drive features a newly designed forged aluminum riser, and is available in Realtree AP, Jet Black, and G5’s renowned G-Fade Realtree AP.

Drive Specs:
Speed: 323 FPS
Weight: 4.35 lbs
Brace Height: 7 inches
Axle to Axle: 33.25 inches
Draw Length: 26-31 inches, available in 1/2-inch increments
Pounds: 50, 60, 70

$699.99 for bow
$799.99 for package

Info: Quest Bowhunting


Prime Impact, Defy

G5 Outdoors introduces two new models to their popular Prime bow line for 2013 — the “Impact” and “Defy.”

“The new and improved Prime bows will once again raise the bar in compound bow performance,” stated President Matt Grace. “We are thrilled with the ingenuity our engineers and designers have shown in improving the Prime series.”

The Impact turns heads with its new PCX Cam, forged 7000 series riser and 35-inch axle to axle length. In addition, with its adjustable grip, the Impact is perfect for tournament shooters and hunters.

The Defy packs the new features found in the Impact into a compact 31-inch axle to axle bow perfect for aggressive hunters that demand superior performance and flexibility in their equipment. Defy all odds and conditions with the new Prime Defy

Both bows feature G5’s Exclusive Parallel Cam Technology which makes cam lean a problem of the past, as this industry leading design balances the load equally on each side of the cable resulting in virtually no cam lean, reduced horizontal nock travel, and reduced limb fatigue. In addition to the Parallel Cam Design, the Prime line of bows offers a long list of features:

Forged 7000 Series: This durable design helps to increase riser stiffness and reduce shooter’s hand shock.
C-1 Laminated Limbs: These limbs utilize a cross weight design to significantly reduce torsional stresses in the limb resulting in improved consistency and accuracy
Gore Fiber String & Cables: This proprietary string material is a blend of Gore  performance fibers and BCYTM 452X. The marriage of these two industry leading technologies results in a superior string with less vibration, a reduction in noise, and increased durability.
TI-Glide Titanium Flexing Cable System: The Prime’s Flexible Titanium cable guard system reduces cam lean by 25 percent by reducing side load on the cables during draw. In conjunction with the Parallel Cam Design, cam lean is virtually eliminated.
Anti-Torque Removable Grip
Shield Grip: First of its kind in the industry, made of G10 material that repels water, odors or any other unwanted element. It stays dry and comfortable in the hand no matter the conditions.

Impact Specs
IBO Speed (FPS) 340
Axle to Axle (in) 35″
Brace Height 6.25″
Mass Weight 4.5 lbs.
Draw Length 26-30″
Draw Weight (lbs) 50, 60, 70

Available In Optifade Forest, Optifade Open Country, Realtree AP, Ice Blue, Ice Red or Jet Black – MAP $949

Defy Specs
IBO Speed (FPS) 335
Axle to Axle (in) 31″
Brace Height 7.25″
Mass Weight 4.1 lbs
Draw Length 26-30″
Draw Weight (lbs) 50, 60, 70

Available In Optifade Forest, Optifade Open Country, Realtree AP or Jet Black – MAP $949

Info: G5 Outdoors Prime


Diamond Archery Core

Diamond Archery has introduced another R.A.K. equipped bow that stands out among its peers. The Core redefines the smooth draw and separates itself from the competition with arrow speeds other similar manufacturers cannot match.

“Diamond Archery provides durable and dependable bows at prices attractive to every bowhunter,” said Diamond Director of Marketing Samuel Coalson. “We’ve delivered again with the Core, a complete hunting bow with technologies designed to ensure a smooth draw in a durable and adjustable bow that will never let you down in the

At a suggested retail price of just $499, the Core is a high-quality option for the bowhunter on a budget. The bow also comes R.A.K. Equipped (Ready. Aim. Kill.), which means it is ready to shoot right out of the box with the most accurate preset components in the

The Core weighs only 3.2 pounds with an axle-to-axle length of 31 inches and a brace height of 7.25 inches. Without changing limbs, the draw length ranges from 25 to 30 inches and the draw weight can be set from 40 all the way to 70 pounds. Rotating modules make the draw length adjustable without replacing the cams.

The Core is available in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity.

Info: Diamond Archery


Strother Wrath SHO

New from Srother Archery for 2013 is the Wrath SHO featuring a bowhunter’s axle-to-axle at 30 3/16 inches, making the new SHO very maneuverable in all types of hunting situations.

With speeds up to 335 fps (IBO), the wrath SHO not only reaches the target in lightning speed, but also packs a tremendous punch by delivering energy above its nearest competitor.

Most would expect to see these performance levels out of a bow with a tight brace height! But not with the Wrath SHO. The brace height is very generous at 7 3/8 inches.

The Wrath SHO features a draw weight of 50-80 pounds, 27- to 30-inch draw length, total weight of just 4 pounds and 80 percent letoff.

Info: Strother Archery