Tough New Broadheads for Deer, Hog, Turkey and Elk Hunters

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies’ Jake Miller used a TruGlo Titanium X 4-blade Crossbow on a recent Florida hog hunt to collect this eating-fat hog. The 4-blade mechanical design meant the hog didn’t even make it out of sight..

By now most serious bowhunters have heard of TruGlo’s new lineup of Titanium X Broadheads. These remarkable broadheads were designed with input from Bruce Barrie of past Rocky Mountain Broadhead fame, milled from Grade 5 titanium to include Tru-Cut cut-on-contact tips and holding stainless steel Tru-Thru .031-inch-thick, precision-sharpened blades.

Titanium provides the strength of steel with the weight of aluminum—in other words, the best of both worlds. The Tru-Cut tip assures deeper penetration and bone-splitting performance. Tru-Thru blades includes spooky sharpness needed for superior penetration and fast kills on the toughest big game. All are spin and sharpness tested for assured field-point flight and devastating results on game. Each model comes in three packs with free broadhead wrench.

Six models are included in this new lineup, each filling an important niche in the bowhunting program. Let’s investigate the inherent advantages of each design and where they best fit into your bowhunting pursuits.

Whitetail Ideal
White-tailed deer, especially tough old bucks, have a tenacity for life reviling a desert shrub. They’re also regularly hunted in thronged vegetation which complicates tracking efforts. The new standard in whitetail coverts has become a wide-cutting mechanical design, providing pin-point accuracy during the most demanding shots, and opening a world of hurt and blood-spilling wound channels which result in faster kills and blood trails that are much easier to follow under demanding conditions.

TRUGLO’s Titanium X lineup includes the 4-blade mechanical, with ferrule diameters to accommodate vertical and crossbow arrows and bolts. The 4-blade mechanical produces devastating wound channels that make trailing game easier.

For whitetails killed with average equipment (according to most bow manufacturers I talk with, this means 65 pounds at 29 inches, or 65#@29”), it’s pretty tough to beat TruGlo’s Titanium X 2-blade mechanical. It includes a solid-titanium ferrule like the rest, including a Tru-Cut tip to start penetration off right.

The two scissoring blades include a torque-balancing design that start cutting instantly on impact, self-adjusting to push around bone without shedding energy (which also means it’s impossible for blades to open in flight), and opening to a full 2 3/16-inch cutting diameter through soft tissue to inflict maximum damage. The blades remain folded flat against the ferrule in flight for superior accuracy, a design feature making them welcomed for archers who invest the time and effort required to become long-range proficient.

For those shooting energy above the national average (like my own standard 70#@30”) the Titanium X 4-blade offers yet more devastating, cross-cutting action. The 4-blade model works on the same principle as the 2-blade but inflicts twice as much damage. The cutting Tru-Cut starts penetration out right, opening to 1 ¾ inches to spill copious amounts of blood.      

Really Big Game
Mechanicals certainly will get the job done on the largest big game, such as elk and moose, but I choose to prepare for real-world, worst-case scenarios like the substantial bone comprising an elk’s shoulder.

When game is larger than 250-pound Midwest whitetails, I turn to fixed-blade broadheads. TruGlo has you covered there as well, including Titanium X 3- and 4-blade versions.

The TruGlo Titanium X 3-blade includes an industry-standard 1 3/16-inch cutting diameter. This offers an ideal balance of easy tuning from today’s fastest compound bows, but also enough cutting diameter to produce ample trailing blood. With its blade-aligned Tru-Cut cut-on-contact tip and TRU-THRU sharp blades these heads slick through game like butter.

I’m also intrigued by the Titanium X 4-blade because it mirrors lines of the traditional broadheads I started bowhunting with, but with replaceable main and crosscutting bleeder blades. The Tru-Cut tip streamlines right into cutting edges to enhance penetration. It includes 1 3/16-inch cutting diameter. It’s a head that would give me utmost confidence while chasing bugling bull elk.    

These fixed designs also make excellent options for smaller or weaker bowhunters—women, youth or elderly shooters with achy joints—while shooting average game such as whitetails.

Crossbow Ready
TruGlo didn’t forget the crossbow enthusiast while designing the Titanium X line. Crossbow-specific models include a 1 ¾-inch-wide 4-blade mechanical and 1 3/16 4-blade mimicking vertical-bow design, but including larger-diameter ferrules to better match larger-diameter crossbow bolts.

Modern crossbows give you energy to burn, making the 4-blade mechanical ideally suited for blasting through any sized game, even at extreme ranges. The 4-blade fixed is perfect in states where mechanical designs aren’t yet legal, or for added insurance when hunting the largest big game at extended ranges.

Average, he-man or limited kinetic energy vertical bow shooters, or crossbow aficionados; TruGlo has your broadhead needs covered with the new Titanium X series!

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