T.R.U. Unveils New Release

Capitalizing on the success of the original T.R.U. Ball Sniper Jaw & a Half Release, the T.R.U. Ball Sniper 2 features completely silent loading. Simply pull the trigger to open the main jaw; let up on the trigger to close it. 

The T.R.U. Ball Sniper 2 "Jaw and a Half" design adds forgiveness to a single caliper jaw release. The secret is a new floating "Half" jaw. 

The release also features a new ribbed body design with added draw length adjustability (five positions instead of three).  The head connects to the strap with the new T.R.U. Ball Globo-Swivel, which provides superior torque-free movement and folds away when not in use. 

Hunters and tournament shooters can choose from one of two interchangeable triggers that are included in the package.  One trigger features a forward design for more draw length, while the other — a spring trigger — allows archers to slowly squeeze the trigger without flinching, for greater accuracy.

The Sniper 2 is now available and can be ordered through T.R.U. dealers nationwide.