Try this Secret Tip for Hunting Giant Bucks

clover food plot - whitetail deer food plots

Lee and Tiffany plant a variety of food plots each year for deer and wildlife, but clover is one of their favorites.

Lee and Tiffany Lakosky are known throughout the deer hunting world as masters at managing properties for huge bucks. According to Lee, his magic bullet is the same lucky charm of the Irish — clover.

“People ask me all the time,” Lakosky told Deer & Deer Hunting. “If you could put in one all-around plant that would be a magic bean for your deer, what would it be? My answer is clover.

Clover has about 30 percent protein, it withstands heavy grazing, it grows well in dry weather, and it doesn’t die out like alfalfa. It’s good for antler growth during summer, it stays green throughout winter, and the deer just love it. And the first thing that really starts growing again in early spring is clover. The deer and turkeys are all over it in late winter or early spring. For that reason, we find a lot of sheds in our clover.

“But you have to make sure you don’t plant one type of clover alone. It’s important to get a whitetail blend that contains several different varieties. If you were to plant white clover by itself, for instance, it loses its palatability and protein when it gets mature, and it gets stemmy. Eventually, you have to mow it again.

“But if you plant a blend of whitetail varieties, the various plants grow at different rates and mature at different times, so that when one is maturing, the next one is prime. When that one gets mature, the next one is prime, and so on. With several varieties, you can also go a much longer period of time without mowing and keep a palatable clover in that field for longer.

“So if I could plant one thing, it would be clover for those reasons. Most of our hunting in early season is done over clover fields, and early season is the time when we shoot most of our biggest bucks.”
Lee and Tiffany Lakosky - whitetail deer hunting

Even more advanced tactics can be found in their book Hunting Mature Whitetails the Lakosky Way. The book is 272 pages of the cutting-edge deer management strategies used by the stars of the record-breaking TV program “The Crush.”

For the first time, this book features the know-how and secrets that have allowed Lee and Tiffany to consistently take giant buck after giant buck from their farms in Iowa and on their travels throughout whitetail country.