Unique Deer Hunting Field Dressing Tool Portable, Effective

Viking Solutions has a pretty nifty deer hunting gear item that is worth a look, because it could help you save some time in the field when you’re cleaning a deer before dragging it out.

Viking’s High TAIL is a portable, convenient field dressing assistant that makes field dressing quick and easy.

High Tail ready to help with cleaning a deer. (Photo: Viking Solutions)

High Tail ready to help with cleaning a deer. (Photo: Viking Solutions)

If you have ever wrestled with a deer’s rear legs during the field dressing process, you can appreciate the simple yet effective design of the High TAIL from Viking Solutions. Designed to elevate a deer’s back end slightly, the High TAIL is perfect for the solo hunter looking for that extra hand when it comes to field dressing.

In addition to elevating the tail end, the High TAIL features adjustable straps on each side of the “X” frame to securely hold the animal’s back legs in place. The High TAIL is quick and easy to assemble, sets up in seconds, and raises the deer’s hindquarters off the ground. The deer’s rear legs can be secured to each side, making field dressing a breeze.

The aluminum construction provides strong and durable support in a lightweight, packable package.

Founded by John A. Woller, John Woller, Jr., and Ron Woller, Viking Solutions is a family owned company with more than 60 years of combined manufacturing experience. For more information, visit www.vikingsl.com