Upgrade Broadhead Performance

Learn more about Muzzy's new broadheadMuzzy’s new Phantom-MX takes that exceptional performance one step further with its revolutionary compact, aerodynamic design and .004- inch thicker blades for unbeatable strength and superior flight even at maximum speeds.

Consistently deadly in even the most extreme conditions, the 100-grain, 4-blade Phantom-MX will easily take down some of the heaviest big-game species, such as elk and moose, with unparalleled accuracy. The ultra-tough, primary blade cuts instantly on impact to drive deep through thick skin and bone, and the "bleeder blades" ensure massive blood trails to aid in locating the animal.

Combined, the blades on the Phantom-MX deliver a wide 1 1/8" x 1" cutting diameter to quickly get the job done. The Muzzy Phantom-MX bleeder blades are not your typical add-on blades; they are strong integral components that are built to the same exact specifications as the quality and durable main blades. Both blade types are easily re-sharpened as desired.

For more information on the Phantom-MX, call Muzzy at 1-866-387-9307, or CLICK HERE to go to its Web site.