How Utterly Devastating Can This Deer Hunting Broadhead Be?

Some bowhunters like speed, some like rib-busting energy and power.

You may find both with Muzzy‘s new Phantom SC fixed-blade broadhead.

When I saw this at the ATA Show a few months go, my first reaction was surprise. It’s stout, with thick blades and the appearance of a devastating little missile. A devastating little missile that will likely punch a hole through bone and organs, leaving a gaping wound and easy-to-follow blood trail.

Because, seriously, what else would you want in your deer hunting broadhead?

Check out the Phantom SC from Muzzy:

Originally introduced in 2004, the four-blade Muzzy Phantom broadhead took the market by storm with its leading-edge design.

Now, Muzzy Outdoors has a completely redesigned version, the Phantom SC, which incorporates all the newest materials and technologies available to create a superior broadhead.

Muzzy Phantom SCLike the original Phantom, the new Phantom SC is designed for bowhunters who want a heavier broadhead for increased kinetic energy. But the Phantom SC is shorter, stouter and stronger than the original.

The Phantom SC features a solid-steel ferrule, a 1 1/8-inch cutting diameter and an ultra-compact leading-edge blade design that starts working the instant it makes contact. The bleeder blade follows with a secondary cut, making blood trails short and heavy with a well-placed hit.

With its steel ferrule and durable 0.050-inch thick blades, the new Phantom SC slices soft tissue on contact, yet it has the robustness and sharpness to bust through bone.

Accuracy of this broadhead is unmatched among fixed four-blade broadheads due to the extreme tolerance adherence in manufacturing the Phantom SC.

The new Muzzy Phantom SC is available in 100- or 125-grain versions at retailers nationwide this spring. Suggested retail price for a three-pack is $39.99. Practice heads and replacement blades will be sold separately.

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