Walls to Launch New High-Performance Camo and Gear

The Walls Pro Series clothing lineup, with HID3 camouflage and scent-control technology, is scheduled to hit store shelves in the fall of 2018.

Walls Outdoor Goods, a leader in durable outdoor workwear and hunting apparel, will introduce  HID3, a proprietary concealment system targeting sight, sound and scent, available in its fall 2018 Walls Pro Series apparel lineup. HID3 features a new camo design that uses large and small breakup to disrupt the human outline and to blend into nearby surroundings. The new line is designed for high-performance hunters. The Walls Pro Series concealment system will be available in multiple styles and weights, for a full layering system.

“The decision to develop the HID3 camo pattern and to incorporate the design into our full concealment system stems from a growing performance hunt market,” said Brad Bromstead, vice president of marketing and merchandising at Walls Outdoor Goods. “The technology behind our HID3 concealment system establishes Walls Pro Series as a performance brand, equipping our hunters with the essential tools for success.”

Walls Pro Series HID3 concealment system uses technical, quiet fabrics along with soft snap buttons to fight against unwanted sounds in the field. It also utilizes HID3 Scent, a two-step system that captures and controls 99 percent of human odor-causing bacteria and regenerates without washing. The science behind HID3 Scent is a silver-based antimicrobial finish that prevents the formation of odor-causing bacteria. A second layer of protection captures and degrades microbes that cause unwanted odors. The HID3 camo pattern offers a unique blend of shape and color built to conceal at any distance, making it ideal for bow and rifle hunting.

The Outfitter Jacket and Pant are two new pieces in the fall 2018 product line. The synthetic fleece suit features a durable outer shell that is water and wind resistant. The grid fleece interior provides incredible warmth and next-to-skin comfort. The Outfitter features the HID3 concealment system to eliminate unwanted sounds and scents, while offering the newest camo technology to keep hunters hidden in the field.

The Walls Pro Series collection will be available at specialty hunting retailers and Walls.com in Fall 2018.